Fear or Embrace – Will Robots Have More Power Than Humans in 22 Years?

robots more power than humans

More than half of Australians believe robots will have more control over the world than humans within 22 years, thanks to the speed of their evolution and their ability to act without emotion.

Robots and Jobs

The research, commissioned by think tank Thinque, also found that 67 per cent of Australians are worried that robots will become so advanced they will be able to mimic human capabilities, and 28 per cent think that is already happening.

However, these concerns are likely overblown, global futurist and strategist Anders Sörman-Nilsson said.

“It’s a popular view of late to fear robots and artificial intelligence (AI) taking over all human jobs, leaving us obsolete, but in fact, the opposite is true,” he said.

“The advancements in AI will actually mean that jobs that focus on soft skills, such as creative thinking will be opened up for humans to take on to an extent that has never been seen before.

“These capabilities aren’t able to be learnt by robots yet and so will fall to humans to fulfil over any STEM skills which are being replicated exponentially.”

But, he warned, disruptions to the world of work will happen at a significantly faster pace than Australians workers comprehend.

“As humans, we aren’t able to develop fast enough to combat these changes in AI and so we need to respond by training ourselves to develop fundamental human capabilities in order to survive.”

AI and Banking Services

In the world of finance, AI and robots also have a role to play – and it benefits customers. Artificial intelligence truly shines when it comes to exploring new ways to provide additional benefits and comfort to individual users.

In the banking sector, AI powers the smart chatbots that provide customers with comprehensive self-help solutions while reducing the call-centres’ workload. Voice-controlled virtual assistants powered by smart tech like Amazon’s Alexa are also gaining traction fast, which is no surprise: boasting a self-education feature, they get smarter every day, so you should expect tremendous improvements here. Both tools can check balances, schedule payments, look up account activity and more.

A number of apps offer personalised financial advice and help individuals achieve their financial goals. These intelligent systems track income, essential recurring expenses, and spending habits and come up with an optimised plan and financial tips.

So, do you fear or embrace the evolution of AI and robots?


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